Covid-19 Mandates and Freedom of Autonomy versus Medical Tyranny

Posted by Clyde Hutchins | Aug 27, 2021 | 0 Comments

Covid-19 Mandates and Freedom of Autonomy versus Medical Tyranny

Governments and Corporations everywhere are imposing mask mandates, vaccine mandates, lockdowns and other restrictions because of Covid-19. The question of whether to wear a mask or take a vaccine is a personal choice. No government entity should force you to comply with the government's health choices. No corporate entity should force you to comply with the corporation's health choices. The management and protection of your health is your choice. No one else's. If you want to wear a mask, that is fine. If you don't, that is fine too. If you want to get vaccinated, that is fine. If you don't, that is fine too.

Forced vaccinations violate your humanity and your God given rights to freedom. Your wonderful body is a special gift to you during your life. You should be the one to decide what goes into your body, not the government or a corporation. Moreover, you should make that decision fully informed of the risks. Social media and the government are trying to censor the full facts about the vaccinations. That is wrong. You should only decide whether to get the vaccination after being fully informed of the real risk of death or adverse affects that you might suffer, along with your risk of hospitalization from the virus. Only then can you make an informed choice. 

As for the lockdowns, they are incredibly violative of your rights. All jobs are essential. Not just the ones that a bureaucrat finds essential. Without a job, most people would run out of the funds necessary to put a roof over their head and feed their family. It is disgusting to see government agents deem some jobs essential, and others not. 

The legality of mask mandates, lockdowns and vaccine mandates is being fought in various court systems throughout the nation. There are a lot of legal issues to be addressed with these mandates. Unfortunately, the legal system has shortcomings. Many cases get sidetracked on procedural issues and other legal obstacles, never squarely reaching the overarching issues. More importantly, legal cases do not get decided on what your typical American believes is morally right. They do not get decided based on the underlying principals of freedom. Instead, they are decided under case law. Under case law, the court determines legal issues based upon the language of the statute or law and then considering all the other cases that have been written about that legal issue. We call this precedent. It is sort of a like a consensus decision based upon what has been decided in the past in many, many other cases. This process dilutes the eternal standards of freedom and liberty.

Additionally, there is an added layer of complexity in that the mandates are not just being issued by the government. Corporations are also aggressively imposing mandates on their employees and customers. This makes it even more difficult to challenge in the court system.

Due to the challenges inherent in our cumbersome legal system, and the corporate actions in imposing mandates, I do not think we will achieve complete freedom from medical tyranny through the legal system. There is certainly a place for legal challenges, but much more is needed to combat the tyranny.

There are other options to resist medical tyranny. We call it civil disobedience. It is a form of protest. It is the exercise of your freedom of speech. To engage in civil disobedience, simply do not comply with the mask mandates. Do not comply with the vaccine mandates. Do not comply with lockdowns. Do not show a vaccine passport. Do not tell anyone your personal health status. The more of us that stand together in unity in opposing medical tyranny, the greater the likelihood of defeating it. 

We have not reached the peak of the crisis yet. However, it is on the horizon. Stay the course. Do not comply. 

UPDATE (9/9/2021): President Biden tells us that he is losing his patience with the Americans that are making their own personal medical choices about vaccines. Well, most of us Americans are losing our patience with Biden.

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