Estate Planning FAQ

Estate Planning

Estate planning is very important. It provides certainty for you and your loved ones about what happens when you pass away. This is especially critical for parents with little ones. A well thought out estate plan can ensure that your loved ones are not left in confusion when you leave.

Wills and Trusts - Although wills are very dominant in estate planning, estate planning consists of more than just a will.  Many estate plans include trusts. Trusts can provide continuity for your loved ones and it can provide some asset protection.

With wills and trusts you can plan on who receives (or doesn't receive) your property. Wills can also be set up so that they create a trust when certain conditions exist upon your death, such as having minor children. You can also make your wishes known as to who should be the guardian for your children if you pass away when they are minors.

Other documents include the following:

Power of attorney for property - It allows others to made decisions about your property, including your real property and bank accounts. It comes into effect immediately.

Durable medical power of attorney - It allows others to communicate with medical offices and make medical decisions on your behalf. It only comes into effect if you are incapacitated.

Living Will - It allows you to make decisions about continuing artificial hydration and nutrition if two physicians agree in writing that you have a terminal illness with no hope of recovery and are in a vegetative state.

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