About Our Firm

Harmony Law

Clyde Hutchins founded Harmony Law with the goal of harnessing his unparalleled experience, creative energy and great listening skills to provide strong and effective legal representation for others in Wyoming and Colorado.

Experience wise, one of the key skills Mr. Hutchins developed over the years is the ability to avoid the frivolous and focus intently on the facts and issues that really matter in a case. Mr. Hutchins has also built up an immense reservoir of knowledge on the many different legal issues that impact us today. The intertwining of these various legal issues can often provide a unique perspective that can help you choose the best option for you. Experience has also given Mr. Hutchins great negotiating skills. Real negotiating skills cannot be taught, they must be learned through experience.

Mr. Hutchins' creative energies work best when faced with challenges. Mr. Hutchins is a firm believer that despite the size of the obstacle, there is a way around it. Through a persevering spirit and creative insight, Mr. Hutchins has often found solutions when everyone else had given up hope.

Mr. Hutchins understands listening is a critical piece of legal representation. Active listening is truly a lost art and much is lost when it is not practiced. The attorney that can listen to and understand his clients is best able to provide effective solutions.

Between Mr. Hutchins' experience base, his creative abilities and his great listening skills, Harmony Law is poised to provide you with the best legal representation possible.

Mr. Hutchins is actively licensed and in good standing in all state and federal courts in the states of Wyoming, Colorado and Alaska. Mr. Hutchins is also a member of the National Association of Consumer Advocates and is the state chair for the State of Wyoming.

Harmony Law, LLC is a veteran owned business. Mr. Hutchins faithfully served his country during his four years of active duty in the United States Army. (2nd ACR & 3rd ACR). Harmony Law, LLC proudly serves American soldiers and offers discounted services for those Americans who currently serve, or have served in military uniform.

Harmony Law, LLC is fully active in all state and federal courts in Wyoming and Colorado.