Clyde Hutchins

Clyde Hutchins is the founder of Harmony Law. Mr. Hutchins started his legal career in Cheyenne, Wyoming as a law clerk for the district court judges. Mr. Hutchins then entered private practice with a Wyoming based litigation and business law firm. Later, Mr. Hutchins went to Alaska, where he was the chief litigator for a firm that engaged in bond law, corporate law, securities law, and municipal law. He became a bond lawyer while in Alaska and became familiar with many types of legal financing structures. The State of Wyoming hired Mr. Hutchins from Alaska to represent the State of Wyoming in the national tobacco arbitration and to act as the State's tobacco settlement attorney. While in that position, he developed a consumer protection unit and began enforcing it.

Mr. Hutchins left the State of Wyoming in 2016 and formed Harmony Law, LLC. Harmony Law is primarily engaged in civil litigation. It is also a general practice law firm in the area of business law. Harmony Law is active in all state and federal courts throughout Wyoming and Colorado.

Mr. Hutchins is also a member of the Alaska bar and can practice in the State and Federal courts of that state. Mr. Hutchins is also authorized to practice in the U.S. District Court for Eastern District for the District of Missouri and the U.S. District Court for the District of Nebraska.

On a case by case basis, for some litigation matters, Mr. Hutchins may also act in other states under the "pro hac vice" rule. This rule allows an out of state attorney to represent someone in a court case when local counsel is available to assist.

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  • Amazing

    Clyde was amazing to work with. He always made time to speak with us over the phone and always responded to emails in a timely fashion. "highly recommend"
  • Quick Results

    Clyde researched my situation regarding a collection firm which fraudulently posted a corporate business debt on my personal credit report with the credit bureau's. He recommended we sue the collection agency to get them to remove the posting since they wouldn't per my request. Clyde filed a laws...
  • Frank advice

    He encouraged me that our litigation was a prudent thing to do. He says our case is genuine.
  • Attentive

    He scheduled an appointment for the day after I called. When I dropped off paperwork, he took the time to talk with me (without an appointment).
  • Responsive and Personal Services.

    We were extremely pleased with regards to the attention and (local) knowledge presented toward our issue. We highly recommend using the services of Harmony Law firm
  • Smart, Fair and Credible

    Clyde just finished representing me on a property dispute that was uncommon and complex – with little preparation time. We prevailed, and what stands out to me most about what Mr. Hutchin's did for me and my wife, was to listen and comprehend. One measure of intelligence is an individual's capaci...