Case Results

Custom Car Restoration Gone Wrong

Harmony Law was hired by a muscle car owner to address an unfinished restoration project. The client had spent well in excess of $100,000 to have his late 60's muscle car restored and modified. The plan was ambitious and included a very expensive and custom paint job, restoration of the interior, new glass, new trim, new wheels and tires and a new engine with custom features throughout. The custom car shop started well, but failed to follow through on the project to the client's satisfaction. 

The client hired Harmony Law. Harmony Law sued. There was a multi day trial where Harmony Law presented a strong case for the client. After trial, the judge took the matter under advisement (which means he was going to consider all the evidence he had heard and make a written ruling). Before the judge could issue a written ruling, the custom car shop settled by agreeing to redo all the faulty work on the muscle car at no charge to the client.