Don't let yourself be pressured into a roofing contract

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Be careful about your roofing contract

This time of year sees frequent hail storms in Northern Colorado and Wyoming. Already this year, there was a significant hail storm in Northern Colorado on May 23rd, and then again on June 18th and 19th. Hail storms often cause damage to roofs.

In the wake of any significant hail storm, local roof repair companies are swamped and cannot readily take on all the roof repair work. This leads to opportunities for out of town roof repair outfits. The out of town outfits can come in and promise to take care of your roof damage long before the local companies can get you scheduled. Many homeowners use out of town outfits because they do not want to wait weeks, or even months to have their roof repaired.

In my practice over the years, I have seen scores of problems with roof repair companies. Many of them over promise the timeline for repairing your roof. Some of them never finish the work. Some of them try to pad their work to squeeze extra money from the insurance companies, or homeowners. Some of them even go out of business shortly after taking the insurance money and doing the repairs. A lot of them are vague on their promises and do not provide any certainty about (1) the cost; (2) the estimated time to repair; or (3) the scope of the work.

There is some protection for homeowners. Under Colorado law, roofing contracts must have certain terms to ensure that homeowners know what they are getting into. The contract must state the following terms:

(a) The scope of roofing services and materials to be provided;
(b) The approximate dates of service;
(c) The approximate costs of the services based on damages known at the time the contract is entered;
(d) The roofing contractor's contact information, including physical address, electronic mail address, telephone number, and any other contact information available for the roofing contractor;
(e) Identification of the roofing contractor's surety and liability coverage insurer and their contact information, if applicable.
The contract should also include the cancellation policy and it should inform the homeowner of the right to cancel the contract if the insurance company does not cover the cost of repair. Additionally the roofing contractor cannot pay, waive, rebate, or promise to pay, waive, or rebate all or part of any insurance deductible applicable to the insurance claim for payment for roofing work.

If you believe that you have entered into a roof repair contract that does not provide these essential terms, you may have a basis for challenging the contract. Please contact Harmony Law if you need assistance.

Wyoming adopted a similar law last year.

***We are looking into the practices of a roofing company called Renovate Colorado. Please contact Harmony Law if you have had a bad roofing experience with Renovate Colorado or have concerns about a roofing contract with that company.***

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