Government Actions

Harmony Law can assist you with government investigations and enforcement actions. The founder of Harmony Law, Clyde Hutchins, has extensive experience in this area. He developed a strong consumer protection enforcement unit in the Attorney General's Office, leading and overseeing more than 120 cases. He understands how investigations work and the options and strategies that are available to those facing government action. His extensive experience gives Mr. Hutchins an understanding of the potential weaknesses in Attorney General investigations and enforcement actions and insight into how best to defend against them.

Typical government actions that Harmony Law can assist you with include actions in the following areas:

  • Consumer Protection Act
  • Telemarketing and Telephone Solicitation Laws
  • Multilevel Marketing Laws
  • Data Breach Laws
  • Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigations and enforcement action
  • Internet Advertising

If you are facing a government investigation or otherwise need help navigating government regulations and requirements, feel free to check our Government Action FAQs or contact Harmony Law.