Preparing for Civil Litigation

Posted by Clyde Hutchins | Nov 21, 2017 | 0 Comments

After a decade and a half of legal practice, I have some interesting observations about civil litigation. From these observations, I have some practical recommendations on how people can better handle litigation.

Don't take it personally

Some people involved in civil litigation feel that the judge is biased against them when a ruling does not go the way that they hope. Yet, that is the way litigation develops. You win some and you lose some. As the case progresses, various issues come up and the judge has to make decisions. The judge attempts to make decisions that comport with the law regardless of the situation. It has nothing to do with the judge's view of the parties or the strength of the ultimate case. Parties to civil litigation should never take a judge's ruling personally.

Decide whether you are looking for a relatively quick negotiated resolution or are more interested in trial

Harmony Law is always ready to pursue your case to trial. However, civil litigation is not always about achieving justice. More often than not, it is about resolving a dispute. When the parties to a lawsuit are bound and determined that nothing will satisfy them except a strong final judgment in their favor, they should be prepared for the process to take longer and cost more. On the other hand, if the parties are more interested in a practical and quick resolution to the dispute, civil litigation offers a fair forum for reviewing the situation and achieving a complete resolution of the dispute.

Stay in it for the Long Haul

Despite the best intentions of the parties involved, litigation has this habit of stretching out over a long time period. The parties to litigation have to focus on the long term, not the short term. All expectations of a quick victory should be cleared away and the parties should brace themselves for months, or in some cases years of litigation to reach their goal.

If you need someone to represent you in litigation or are thinking of filing suit against someone, feel free to contact Harmony Law for assistance.

About the Author

Clyde Hutchins

Clyde Hutchins is the founder of Harmony Law. Mr. Hutchins started his legal career in Cheyenne, Wyoming as a law clerk for the district court judges. Mr. Hutchins then entered private practice with a Wyoming based litigation and business law firm. Later, Mr. Hutchins went to Alaska, where he was the chief litigator for a firm that engaged in bond law, corporate law, securities law, and municipal law. The State of Wyoming hired Mr. Hutchins from Alaska to represent the State of Wyoming in the national tobacco arbitration and act as its tobacco settlement attorney. While in that position, as a hobby, he developed an enforcement unit for consumer protection for Wyoming residents. Mr. Hutchins moved to Colorado in 2016 and founded Harmony Law, LLC. Harmony Law is primarily engaged in civil litigation. It is also a general practice firm in the areas of business law, estate planning, consumer law and family law. Harmony Law is active in all state and federal courts throughout Wyoming and Colorado.


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