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Posted by Clyde Hutchins | Jul 31, 2018 | 0 Comments

Interesting Statistics:

I started writing about consumer law issues on this website two years ago. I posted an interesting summary last year. I thought it would be interesting to update that with a new annual review. Here are some interesting numbers from the past year for my website and blog:

Number of unique visitors: 4,176

Visitor Locations:

1) Colorado 18% - down from 27% last year
2) California 8% - up from 2% last year
3) New York 3% - up from 2% last year
4) Wyoming 2% - down from 5% last year

The rest of the visitors are split between 49 states (up from 45 states last year), D.C. and many foreign countries. The only state not represented by visitors is Vermont. (I was personally disappointed that the Wyoming statistics went down. Both statistically and in raw numbers it decreased.)

6 Most popular articles:

1) (same as last year) What happens when a consumer files a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission?

2) (up from 5 last year)  What is "clear and conspicuous" disclosure?

3) (up from 6 last year)  Yo-Yo care sale financing terms - Can the customer also use the terms to back out of the deal?

4) (down from 3 last year) The consequences of not responding to a subpoena.

5) What to do about unwanted marketing calls

6) (down from 4 last year)  Wyoming removes the cloak of anonymity for shell companies.

About the Author

Clyde Hutchins

Clyde Hutchins is the founder of Harmony Law. Mr. Hutchins started his legal career in Cheyenne, Wyoming as a law clerk for the district court judges. Mr. Hutchins then entered private practice with a Wyoming based litigation and business law firm. Later, Mr. Hutchins went to Alaska, where he was the chief litigator for a firm that engaged in bond law, corporate law, securities law, and municipal law. The State of Wyoming hired Mr. Hutchins from Alaska to represent the State of Wyoming in the national tobacco arbitration and act as its tobacco settlement attorney. While in that position, as a hobby, he developed an enforcement unit for consumer protection for Wyoming residents. Mr. Hutchins moved to Colorado in 2016 and founded Harmony Law, LLC. Harmony Law is primarily engaged in civil litigation. It is also a general practice firm in the areas of business law, estate planning, consumer law and family law. Harmony Law is active in all state and federal courts throughout Wyoming and Colorado.


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