What happens when a consumer files a complaint with the Wyoming Attorney General's Office?

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What happens when a consumer files a complaint with the Wyoming Attorney General's Office?

Each state has its own system for dealing with consumer complaints made to the Attorney General's Office. A state develops a complaint intake system and handling procedures based upon (1) its population and volume of complaints; (2) the types of complaints it handles; (3) the degree of emphasis on mediation efforts to resolve the complaint; and (4) any statutory or legal requirements for handling complaints.

Wyoming's system is relatively straightforward. When a consumer files a complaint with the Wyoming Attorney General's Office (Office), the complaint is reviewed. If the complaint raises any issues under the Consumer Protection Act, the Office usually forwards the complaint to the business complained against and requests a written response to the complaint. Some consumer complaints just seek information. In those cases an appropriate response is made. Some consumer complaints are misdirected. They are sent to the Office when another state or federal agency is the more appropriate agency to review the complaint. In those cases, the complaint is forwarded to the correct agency or the consumer is referred to the appropriate agency.

When the Office sends a complaint to a company, the company is typically given thirty days to respond. This is an informal, but important step in the process. The company's response is usually scrutinized by the Office. If the company's written response fails to address an obvious consumer protection violation, the Office may pay closer attention to the company, and even initiate an investigation into the practices of the company. It is very important that the company handle the response appropriately.

The Office forwards the company's written response to the consumer. If the matter appears to be resolved by the company response, or if it is a matter that falls outside the scope of the Consumer Protection Act, the Office may close the file on that consumer complaint and advise the consumer accordingly.

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