Case Results

  • Roofing Company loses and has to pay attorney's fees

    Harmony Law represented a homeowner who was sued by a roofing company for repairs done in the wake of a hail storm. The roofing company claimed that the homeowner had stolen funds delivered to the homeowner by the insurance company for roof repairs. Harmony Law represented the homeowner at trial ... Read On

  • Online Defamation Claim Defeated

    Harmony Law represented a client who was accused of online defamation for posting a critical review against a local business. The client was merely voicing his frustration with the business and warning the general public of the issues had had with the business. The business accused the client of ... Read On

  • Custom Car Restoration Gone Wrong

    Harmony Law was hired by a muscle car owner to address an unfinished restoration project. The client had spent well in excess of $100,000 to have his late 60's muscle car restored and modified. The plan was ambitious and included a very expensive and custom paint job, restoration of the in... Read On

  • You can run, but you cannot hide ($385,000 Judgment)

    Harmony Law recently took a case where Read On

  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act - The calls stopped

    Harmony Law was contacted by someone who was being bombarded by debt collection calls on his cell phone. He had received over a 100 calls after telling the company to stop calling. Harmony Law took on the case and filed suit against the caller under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. After th... Read On

  • Fake Credit Application for Car Loan

    A consumer approached Harmony Law when they found out that it looked like a car dealer had falsified her credit application for a car loan. After applying for the loan, someone at the dealer seemed to have wrote in a large annual salary on her application. Harmony Law took on the case and began p... Read On

  • Student Debt Wiped Out

    A consumer approached Harmony Law about $30k in student loans that he had acquired from a private for profit college. The consumer had a worthless degree and a huge debt. He was unable to pay the balance and was eventually sued on the debt. Harmony Law stepped in and fought the case. The case was... Read On

  • ID Theft Damages Thwarted

    A consumer approached Harmony Law because someone she knew had surreptitiously stolen her identity and opened up several credit cards in her name and ran up charges on the cards. The consumer filed a police report and contacted the credit card companies about the incident. All but one of the cred... Read On

  • Fail to complete Roofing Repairs

    The roofing company failed to complete the agreed upon repairs to hail damage on a roof and siding of a house. The roofing company sued for the balance of the roof repair price. Harmony Law defended the consumer and under Colorados roofing statute, C.R.S. ยง 6-22-103, was able to eliminate any ch... Read On

  • Deceptive Pricing - Dealer paid difference

    Harmony Law assisted a consumer who was tricked when purchasing an automobile. The consumer had agreed to a certain price for the vehicle. The consumer later learned that the dealer had manipulated the pricing via the trade in and she ended up paying a significantly greater price for the automobi... Read On

  • Deceptive Pricing - Dealer corrected the transaction

    Harmony Law assisted a consumer who purchased an RV. When speaking with the RV dealer salesman, he thought he had agreed to a certain price. The consumer was rushed through the transaction and learned later that the RV dealership had snuck some additional charges into the deal that resulted in th... Read On

  • Company debt removed from personal credit report

    The very act of listing an old debt on a credit report can compel some people to pay the debt to keep their report clean and their FICO score high. That is legal. However, sometimes company debts or debts owed by others are wrongly reported on credit reports and should be removed. Harmony Law rec... Read On


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